Documentary Film Better Angels focuses on the Fate of Ordinary People under the US-China Trade War, Winning an Award at the Beijing International Film Festival

April 19, 2019 09:39:00

Source: Huihuo

Recently, the Beijing International Film Festival Documentary Category officially kicked off. The latest work, Better Angels by Malcolm Clarke, Academy Award winner for Best Documentary and multi-award-winning director, stood out from more than 200 documentaries around the world and won a Special Recommendation Award from the jury of the Documentary Category.

Better Angels is the opening film for the documentary category, and its director, Malcolm Clarke, has been called “the gold miner of Chinese stories”. The film focuses on the fate of ordinary people under the US-China trade war. It has unique social value on the topic on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, and the trade war negotiations.


Better Angels’ creative team receiving the award from the jury

Malcolm Clarke’s record of the era

Five years, four continents, from 800 hours to 90 minutes

Better Angels was directed by two-time Academy Award winner For Best Documentary Malcolm Clarke, and co-produced by Golden Horse Award-winning producer Yi Han and renowned American producer William Mundell. The film’s title comes from a line from former President Abraham Lincoln’s speech during the civil war in which he urged both sides to treat each other with kindness: “The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.” The film focuses on the people-to-people exchanges between the two countries and records the fact that it has been largely ignored by the western mainstream media through the perspective of ordinary people and what they see in ordinary daily life.


Group photo during the Q&A session after the screening



Beijing International Film Festival forum activity, director Malcolm Clarke shared his creative thoughts

A topical film that could spark global discussion.

See the truth of US-China relations through the daily life of ordinary people


Producer Yi Han is delivering her acceptance speech at the award ceremony

Better Angels shows everyone in the context of the communication of China and the United States during the globalization, whether it’s a retired U.S. Marine who came to China to teach American football, a Chinese traveler who traveled in the United States alone without making a specific plan in advance, or an abacus master who brought traditional Chinese abacus to the United States. The film shows the detailed stories and true feelings of ordinary people in the context of the rapid development of the era and US-China relations. Producer Yi Han also admitted that “the most difficult part of the film is how to interpret the abstract concept of US-China relations through storytelling.” She hopes the emotions in the film will move audiences and bridge the cultural gap between China and the United States.


American producer William Mundell during the Q&A session after the screening



Film producer Yi Han during the Q&A session after the screening.


The creative team attended the Q&A session after the screening. Director Malcolm Clarke (middle)

Better Angels’ focus on the stories of ordinary people in the context of US-China relations provides a fresh perspective on the hottest topic in the world today — the US-China trade war. Therefore, the film gained a lot of attention at this year’s Beijing International Film Festival. The film will be released to the national audience this year. With the further development of US-China trade negotiations, it is bound to attract wide attention and discussion from the whole society and even the whole world. It will become one of the hottest works of the year.