October 19, 2018




William Mundell says the US should delegate its complaints about China’s flaunting of WTO rules to a multilateral organisation while China could direct some of its Belt and Road Initiative funding towards US infrastructure.

by William A. Mundell. During a recent interview for our forthcoming documentary on the U.S.-China relationship, Henry Kissinger, the 56th Secretary of State, said: “If we [the United States and China] were to clash, it would be a disaster for the whole world. So the relationship is an exploration of our necessities. And it is an effort to make the Better Angels of our nature dominate amidst a maelstrom of events.” More…

snap14948“When important things are addressed first, secondary issues will not be difficult to settle”–or so goes the Chinese proverb. The laundry list of issues afflicting the U.S.-China relationship is long and arduous, but none is more fundamental than public opinion and the constraints it imposes on the ability of both sides to move the relationship forward. More…

Bill Mundell
“I use film when nothing else works.” That is the mantra of William Mundell, the producer of “Better Angels,” a 90-minute documentary film that deals with the Sino-US relationship. When it comes to an international issue as thorny as US-China bilateral relations, a film might just be what is needed to improve the association between the two countries. More… – Better Angels

September 23, 2015

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July 22, 2015